REVERA Uzbekistan legal desk - consulting services in the Republic of Uzbekistan for Russian and English-speaking businesses and private investors

REVERA Uzbekistan— Rep Office of REVERA International law group. 

We offer a palette of solutions for companies interested in the Uzbekistan market. Together with our partners, we provide services for starting a business in the country, formalizing labor relations, M&A transactions, and arbitration, and solutions for IT companies and traditional businesses. 

What makes Uzbekistan attractive for business? 

  • Fast-growing economy: GDP up to +10% per year. The structure is dominated by the real sector - construction, and agriculture. Services account for less than 40%.
  • The country is a world leader (in the top 10) in gold and copper reserves, uranium and natural gas mining, and cotton production.
  • The main partner countries (and markets for products) are Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Pakistan. Russia and China are investing in the economy. The EU is loyal to the country: EU-Uzbekistan banking chains have been built.
  • Experts consider retail, delivery services, commercial real estate, and fintech as promising industries.
  • An IT park, established in 2019, provides tax benefits. The country has ambitions to become the IT center of the entire Central Asian region. The fintech industry is growing, the first fully digital banks (Anorbank) and Neobanks (Bank Apelsin, Multicard) have appeared, as well as two proprietary payment systems - Uzcard and Humo.
  • Digitalization of the country is one of the development priorities.


REVERA Uzbekistan legal desk

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